Ammar Kattoula – Popular Golf Resorts in Hawaii

Hawaii is one place in the world which houses many of the top golf courses in the world. The very topography, balmy weather and the growing conditions landing to the lush green undulating fairways with six islands and not more than eighty courses all are finest resorts.

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Kapalua Resort

One of the most renowned courses in Hawaii is the Kapalua Resort Course which is located in Maui. This is thought of as the best nationally renowned golf resort. The KapualaMeecedes tournament is held at this very spot, every year in January. There are also some Bay as well as Village courses along with Plantation Courses.

Lanai Resort

Another popular golf resort in Hawaii is the Lanai Resort which offers a great quality and seclusion of its both curses. The course Experience at Koele is architected by Greg Norman and Ted Robinson. The Challenge at Menele is built by Jack Nicklaus. This course has an ocean view from each and every hole.

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Wailea Resort

WaileaResort is also another Hotspot for Hawaiian Golf. The resort has got three courses which are called Gold, Emerald and Blue courses. These three courses have super scenic views of the mid-Hawaiian islands, pacific coasts. The Kauai Island gives a great experience as a golf resort. The Bed and Breakfast of Princeville is laid across four hundred and eighty feet fairway with fabulous scenic views. This course is also known as the Princeville Golf Course. The visitors also say that this very course is no less than the Garden of Eden. The Princeville has dining room, living room, and entrances for guests and even decks. Hawaii also has got some good amount of corollary tourist attraction like shopping centres, safari rides. As a golfer, you will be able to play at Hawaii’s prestigious and famous courses and will also be able to spend a great time at the islands.

Big Island

Hawaii’s Big Island comprises of a number of courses which require fees on daily basis to be played on. This very feature makes it easy for the commoners as well to play on the courses. The black colored volcanic rock creates a great backdrop of the green fairways that are found here. There are no less than sixteen golf courses which can be accessed by the common people. Some well-known or popular resorts are Mauna Kea, Mauna Lani and also Waikoloa. This island is popularly known as the capital of the Hawaiian Golf.

Oahu Island

Oahu Island is considered as the largest competitor of the Big Island. It has got more than forty courses of golf which also include the nine courses for militaries and five courses owned by private clubs. An independent estimation says that there are nearly twenty five courses which are accessible by the common people, This island houses the very first golf course of Hawaii Island, that was constructed in the year eighteen ninety-eight. This curse is semi-private.

Above is the short and detailed description about golfing options in Hawaii. Make sure that you pack your Acapulco Shirts along with a sun block lotion for your next Hawaiian Golfing Trip.

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Things to Consider While Playing Golf With a Caddy

The golf carts are now replaced with human alternatives in the golf courses. These individuals are known as caddies. The caddy’s job is to hold your golf kit bag, hoist your flag and also measure the yard for your game. He is like the personal assistant of the golfers. Caddies are hired by the players who have little to no experience in the field, like literally. When the Caddy comes forward to offer you his services it is extremely important that you take it. With the help of the caddy you will be able to appreciate your follow golfers, walk the entire course and also get to know the person.

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Things to consider while tipping to a caddy

Always check with the caddy master as well as the host as to how much you have to pay for any compensation to the paddy. In the event if anyone is hosting the group, the tipping bill is added to the host. The host, in this case, the host might take care of the tipping bill all by himself. In both the ways, you must offer to pay the caddie directly or by reimbursing the tip through the host.  The tip amounts range from twenty Dollar to fifty Dollar per bag. It is extremely beneficial to carry a good amount of cash in the pocket while playing the game. Introduce yourself to the caddy. This is important because of the fact that this will evidently establish a good relationship between you two. A cordial yet professional relationship with the caddy is very vital while playing the game on field with the caddy’s help. You can ask the Caddy about the distance of the next whole, about any kind of obstacles in your way the kind of club you must use for your next shot. Which point can you successfully aim at? Etc. Always ask the caddy whether he needs any kind of refreshments or beverages for rejuvenation in the scorching sun. When your round is completed, then, you must tip the caddy with a considerable amount of tip and be sure to thank him for the help he has provided to you during your game.

The Dos and Don’ts when hiring a caddy

For golfers who do not have much experience in hiring a caddy, for them it is important to know what to do and also what not to do with caddy. Caddis are there to help you in playing the game and not hindering it. For the players who have never got the experience of hiring a caddy for assisting in the game, face a plethora of questions when they are provided with one. Caddies may not be players, but they have the ability to understand your style, analyse your game and then help you with the advises of the most effective shots to score more. But one thing you must remember, caddies re not God. So, if you fail to play a good game, do not blame them.

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Golf Tips for Beginners as well as Professionals

The initial stage of golf as a game was considered to be a complicated sport. People back then used clubs or ‘stick’ made with leather and an ordinary plain ball. In fact, the golf courses back then were so much serene as compared to the courses now. At that time, the sand traps had bumps; the grasses were not well maintained. The only golfing tip at that time was to grab hold of the stick and hit the golf ball with all the strength so that it can reach to the hole or stay closest to it. To a normal person, the sport of Golf may seem as easy as hitting the ball with the club;, but golf technics are beyond this conception. Below we have listed some tips for playing the golf in the most efficient way for amateurs as well as professionals.

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A golf club needs to be held in a correct way and the correct grip. One should always utilize the use of the lead hand to grab a tight grip on the club so that the thumb can point down. Then, place the elbow in a secured position. The hold of the club should be solid but gentle so that your grip does not create hindrance in the swing of it. The basic grips consist of the interlock, the ten finger and the vardon. A good grip will provide a good force.


The correct posture or stance is very much needed because it influences the final result of the swing. If you see an expert, you will be able to see that he or she takes the stance naturally; on the contrary, when you see an amateur on the field you will get to see the struggle he or she has to go through to strike the correct pose. A correct stance requires aligning the feet correctly, to check the parallel position of the golf ball with the hole and also to spread the feet, balance the weight and bend the knees in a relaxing position.


There are a lot of advises in the scenario of golf swinging technics. People have all kinds of ideas regarding it. The speculations are plenty, but the basic swing technics are of two types. The first technic requires the player to turn the shoulder at the back of their spine and create a right angle of ninety degrees by shifting the body weight and the back of the foot and hinging the arm up. The second swings revolve around the way of placing the arm at ninety degrees from the hole and slowly, along with the swing, transfer the weight of the body to the front of the foot.

The Practice

Practice what you have learned. Practice can always make the person perfect in whatever he or she specializes in. The more you practice, the more you will be able to master the sport of golf in the most efficient way. Take part in the tournaments, learn from your mistakes and them=n correct your skills.

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The Spanish Golf Course of Costa Del Sol

Golf is a sport which is gradually gaining popularity with the global mass. The sport is considered as the game of the sophisticated class. Initially, only a handful of the people dared to play the game but now, with its soaring popularity, it is gathering a huge number of fans from the world. The game is said to have originated at the Scottish Highlands during the 15 century. Since then, it has extremely undergone so many changes in all these hundred years. Golf is played in golf courses, which are massive and gigantic stretches of luscious greenery and ponds. These courses comprise of many hole and levels where the ball is supposed to be shot inside. Of all the renowned courses, the Spanish courses are considered the most popular. Below are the details of the most famous golf courses of Spain which have been in the bucket list of each and every golf player of the world to play on for at least once in their lifetime:

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The Alhaurin Golf Course at Costa del sol

This course was designed by Severiano Ballesteros. He made it 18+18+9 and par 72 course. This is considered as the most difficult golf courses of Costa del sol, that too, beyond imagination. The first hole is considered to be extremely narrow for the players with the presence of fairways. There are even rocks at the sides of the fairway. As a player progresses in the game, the difficulty becomes harder and harder. Many players have lost their golf balls at this course in hundreds. Myth has that this course compels the players to think about which club to choose for one particular shot.

The Alcaidesa Links Golf Course

The Alcaidesa golf course is an 18 hole course with 70 par hole course. This course is designed by Allis and Clark. This too is a tricky one in the list of the most difficult golf courses of Spain. The course also harbours extremely beautiful serene sceneries which range from across the bay of Gibraltar to the hilly terrain. The fairways are extremely tight, surrounded by ravines and gorses. The wind that blows over the course is very deceptive and might affect the speed of your game at a great deal.

The Cabopino Golf Course

The Cabopino Golf Course is an 18 hole with 71 par course. This course is a newbie among the existing courses of the Spain. It is extremely well maintained and very quick. Even the marshals are welcoming and friendly. There is a huge driving range just at the approach of the golf course, so that the players can arrive on the ground on time. The Cabopino also has a cool club house, a scenic sun terrace, a god view of the ocean and a tasty restaurant along with a bar. So you see, Cabopino has got everything to cover your game; from the course to the place to celebrate your golfing victory with your friends and family.

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Tips for Efficient Bodybuilding

Since the history of mankind, power and strength of the human body have been admired. You can see the evidence in the very concept of Gods, superheroes etc. In the old days, an individual with a muscular built and robust physique is appointed as someone for the protection of the weaker individual for his or her survival. We have forever seen the healthy muscular good guy challenging and vigorously beating the bad guy, and the latter eventually succumbs to the former’s strength and power. But in today’s scenario, body building is a sport which is actively participated in by mean and also women to stir up strength and also confidence in an individual. Each and every individual wants to protect him or herself and not depend on any other individual for it. The awareness of a healthy and a fit body is the reason behind this new march of the mass to attain a trimmed and shaped body. A perfect body can be achieved by an individual by a regular regime of proper diet and exercise. So below there are certain tips for the beginners who are keen on building body.

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Choose a gymnasium

If you think you can achieve the dream body just by eating a proper diet and stay-at-home based exercises, then my friend, revise your misconception. You can never ever get yourself in shape only by doing light exercises at home. You have to pick out a gym, and then join it. Make sure that the gymnasium which you are joining has all kinds of necessary facilities and amenities along with modern and updates equipments required to build body. A proficient gymnasium will have the following equipments like benches, arm machines, back machines, weights, chest machines, cardio machines and shoulder machines.

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The need for a full body workout

When you are working out, you might look into the mirror and think that you may not have to build muscles, you just need to lose the extra pounds deposited around your tummy. No, because if you concentrate on the particular section of your body, the balance or the proportion will be disturbed. Each and every muscle of our body has to be kept in perfect sync for the smooth running of it. You have to follow a strict regime of a full body workout which will be beneficial for you at the end of the day to achieve a perfect shape you have always dreamt of. Remember, during a vigorous session of the workout, you are using the calorie and the stored energy of your body, so it necessary for you to fill the nutrient gap of.

The supplements for filling the gap

Consumption of supplements before and after exercise is the mandatory part of any workout regime. Ask your trainer at the gym about which kind of supplement you shall be getting for you since the requirements of individuals vary from person to person. So make sure you choose the right kind of supplement which will fill the nutrients back to your body.

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What Is The Essential Equipment Of Golf?

Golf is a game which is played by the people from all over the world. This is also played in national or international sports. This game is usually played for enjoyment. This is considered as a lavishing habit. Playing golf is quite costly because golf requires a lot of equipments to play. This article has been written to provide you some knowledge about the equipments which are used while playing golf. Few articles of Ammar Kattoula are also based upon this topic.

There are many types of equipment which are required to play golf. Following are some lines stated about those equipments.

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  • Ball– ball is most important equipment to play golf. There is no option to play golf without a ball. There are different types of balls used in different game. The golf ball is small in size. These balls are usually white in colour. But some different coloured balls are manufactured on special orders.
  • Golf clubs– a player can carry maximum fourteen golf clubs with him. There are three types of golf clubs like woods, irons and finally the putters. These different types of golf clubs are used for different type of shots. These three types of golf clubs are meant to play different shots.
  • Ball markers– the balls are all same in colour and size. Some of the balls differ in colours but those are very rare. To distinguish your ball from other players you need to put on some different mark which can be recognized as your ball. These markers are also available in the market. Every marker is different from others so that your ball can be recognized.
  • Tees– this is another important equipment to play golf. Tees are usually made up of wood or plastic. This is a device which is pushed to the ground so that you ball can be kept in a stable place. For a good shot the ball needs to be at rest and in a stable position. This is one of the most important equipment to play golf.
  • Golf bag– now you all know that there are many types of equipment required to play golf. But you have to keep them in a single place so that you can get any of the equipment you want. A golf bag is the perfect place to keep all these equipments. So that you can carry these equipments anywhere. This won’t let you to lose any of the equipment.
  • Club head covers– golf club is the most important equipment which you require to play golf. The head of golf clubs are the important place which you should take care of. To take care of these golf clubs you need to cover up the heads. These head covers are available in the market.

Ammar Kattoula has mentioned about these equipment and their uses in some of his articles. Before playing golf first of all you need to know about the game and then about the equipments which are used while playing the game.

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How to Save Money While Buying Golf Gifts?

Golf gifts are considered as the great token of appreciation and present to the golf lovers. People who have a hobby of playing golf every time are the one who always wants to get the golf gifts.

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Basically, giving some golf gifts to the golf lovers always stand as a great present. But lots of people are there may think that presenting the golf gifts to the golf lovers may cost a huge amount of money but no this is a complete myth. But according to Ammar Kattoula if you know the ultimate trick you can easily save your money by presenting some beautiful gifts.

The Power of Discount Promos

Some people are there actually believe that promos are not really beneficial simply because they think that all these are frequently just marketing policies of businesses who desire to make their customers quite happy and spend more money on their products. But even if this is also true, you must not ignore them. According to Ammar Kattoula Discounts as well as other kinds of promos are actually helpful so do not hesitate for their facilities. You can also look for online retailers and then brick and mortar shops, which offer discounts and then check out their products.

Knowing the benefits of free as well as Discounted Shipping Fees

If you are actually planning on buying the golfer gifts online, you never should forget to look for the discounted or free shipping fees. It will definitely save you an enormous amount of money especially if you are purchasing the big golf item like the golf club or the golf bag.

You may also look for the shipping terms, which allow shipping of collected items to make the shipping fee cut-rate, doing it will enable you to purchase more items online without having to just pay for the big amounts of shipping fees.

Benefits of the Coupon Codes

Whether you are buying the golf gifts for men online or in the market stores, you never should forget about the coupon codes. They are absolutely helpful as they possibly can provide the discounts, free items as well as free shipping. Apart from the discount promos that shops already are providing, you can also often use the regular coupons and online coupons for the further discounts in your acquisitions.

Advantages of Sharing

If you actually intend to purchase the golf gifts, but you also think that you cannot afford them, then do not hesitate to share with another person who genuinely wants you provide your recipient that present. You can also text or call a friend or a relative that you know would also desire to deliver your recipient the present and then talk about sharing the value of the gift that you definitely would like to purchase.

Buying the golf gifts for men actually, does not have to be stressful. Even if you are just on the tight budget, you may still offer your loved one the gift that they will assuredly appreciate.

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Why do You Need to be Conscious While Choosing The Golf Gifts for Players?

When you are going to celebrate a success party of a golfer, then you need to gift the player something special. If you are wishing to make the player happy and surprised then you need to be conscious while choosing the golf gifts. You need to keep in mind that any gift from the lot cannot make the passionate golfer amazed. They may love some specific gifts that are related to their passion and accordingly you need to select the gift. Their liking should e reflected on the gift to touch their mind. There are some reasons highlighted by experienced personality Ammar Kattoula.

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Reasons for choosing gifts consciously

The numbers of the manufacturing companies of producing different kinds of gifts for the golfers are increasing day by day. They are ringing different kinds of attractive devices and decorative things to grab the attention of the golfers. But all the manufacturing companies are not satisfactory for their products, and you need to be conscious for choosing one from them. You can go through their background and reputation while buying a gift for the passionate golfer who wants to keep the thing for a longer period.

Ammar Kattoula is known for his good experience in this field suggests that the golfers should be gifted some unique things related to their passion. The gift should be useful and inspirational to the players. You should always keep in mind that an ordinary golf kit may not necessary to them, but an updated device to upgrade their skills can be interesting to them. So, you need to keep in mind what can be beneficial for the player.

You can also encourage the golfer by presenting him or her some home decorating pieces with golf impression. The showpiece of a golf ball structured r other wall decorating things can make the player interested as well.

You can also make the player happy by gifting some useful kits like specially featured shoes, a good quality t-shirt or a bag for carrying golf kits. But you need to remember that the quality of the product should be good in quality. You should be conscious about the longevity of the product when you are going to gift it to a player. The materials of the product should be long lasting and easy maintenance as well. The reviews on the product can help you to get an idea about the quality of the product. Ammar Kattoula has emphasized on this particular point to guide the buyers of the gifts for the golfer.

These above-mentioned points are important to make the buyers understand why they need not buy any random gift for a golfer. They should be guided rightly to get the satisfactory result in making the player happy. The market research should be done by the buyers before buying an impressive gift from the market. The competitive market may show numerous options, but you need to be conscious to select the best gift for the players.

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Which Golf Gifts are Perfect for The Professional Players?

If you are finding some unique gifts for the golf lovers, then you need to look into the modern competitive market. The professional golf players are always interested in different kinds of equipment that help them to play more efficiently. The modern market has brought different kinds of golf gifts to make the passionate players happy. You can gift these things to them to appreciate their playing skills and wish them to go ahead successfully. The modern market is full of different kinds advanced equipment that can reflect the passion of the player. Expert Ammar Kattoula has highlighted some points that can give you a good idea for making the golfer happy.

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Range locator

The range locator is one of the most useful equipment for the golfers who want to play perfectly on the field. This device helps the golfer to estimate the range on the field to get a good score. This device is available in the modern market in a large amount.

Golf GPS

This is another advanced technical device which helps the golfers to find their ways on the open field. The golf fields are so large that it is nothing absurd to be lost on the field. In this case, the GPS device can help them and keep them save.

Golf shoes

Golf shoes are important for the players as this can save them from falling while playing the golf. The shoes need to have a good grip and anti slippery features on the soles. These shoes are also available in the modern market at a large scale. You need to select the best from the lot to get the best result.

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Bags to carry kits

The golf players need a bag that can be used for carrying the kits to the golf field and bringing these back to home. The golf players can be gifted by a long lasting, durable and easy to carry golf bags. These bags are available with the prints of the golf balls or players. These bags can be useful for the golfers who go to the field on a regular basis.

Golf club membership cards

If you go through the recommendations of the expert Ammar Kattoula, you may get to know how to make the golf players happy. You can gift the golfer a membership card of the golf clubs. This can encourage them to practice more and achieve success. You can make the players happy by giving them another chance to improve their skills and practice the matches.

These above-mentioned points are given by the player Ammar Kattoula who can guide you in the best way in buying the best quality golf gift to make a passionate one happy. These gifts are latest in the market, and you can help the golfers to play in a better way by using these kits. These helpful golf gifts can help the players to understand how you support their passion and encourage them to play more.
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The Best Customized Golf Gifts for Men

Though gifts always express the love and gratitude for the person to whom it is given, the customized golf gifts for a golf sports person have its own innate value or class. Most of the time men, who are in love with the sport like golf, have a special attraction for customized golf gifts. They love to cherish the golf gifts which are customized beautifully as well as it portrays their passion for the sport.

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  1. Personalized Golf Cigar Holder

A cigar holder is such a thing that is an inseparable part for those who love to taste the fumes of cigar during the playtime of golf. Golfers, who release the pressure by inhaling the fumes of Cigar on the golf course, keep the cigar holder with them during the entire playtime of golf. A cigar holder can be the most interesting object if it gets personalized by a golf player who will love to carry it even when he is preparing a shot on the golf course ground.

  1. Golf ball- a customized one

Even a golf ball can be designed in an interesting way. A golf player will always love a ball which is customized with his favorite logo or a nice design. According to Ammar Kattoula, Most of the time the customized ball is considered as an inspiration for the player who has to deal with the pressure of getting high scores in the golf course ground.

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Often, it gets difficult for the golfers in finding the golf ball among the balls of other players who are playing golf on the same golf ground. It happens because all the golf balls look same as others. Ammar Kattoula says, if a golf ball is being customized with an inspirational logo or design then, it gets easier for the player to find his ball quickly.

  1. Personalized or customized wine stopper

Having a glass of fine wine, after winning the match is always a precious moment for a golf player. Now besides enjoying the wine, if the player gets the opportunity of opening the bottle with an interesting stopper, then it amuses the person who is celebrating the victory. Sometimes, the bottle stoppers are designed in a nice way and these customized with the player’s favorite logo or photographs.

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  1. Personalized beer chiller

Most of the time the beer chillers are the highly preferred by the golf players, and they love to enjoy the chilled drink even while they are playing golf on the ground. Sometimes, the chillers are customized or designed in such a nice way that the golf players cannot avoid having a glass of beer which actually soothes their mind as well as freshen up.

As Ammar Kattoula says, there are several customized objects you can gift to your loved one who is passionately connected to a sport like golf. Starting from balls to the beer chillers, everything can be customized by the player’s preferred logo or a nice design. Especially when it is gifted by the loved ones, the value for it exceeds beyond imagination.